Wine Gift Baskets

Wine enthusiasts enjoy receiving the wonderful gift of wine gift baskets. These gift baskets have the added feature of being specially customized according to everyone’s taste. Wine gift baskets can be created for all sorts of special occasions like holidays and birthdays. These gifts are wonderful to be shared by other adult friends or just alone or of course with a partner. I love giving and receiving wine gift baskets.

A friend of mine created a very special wine gift basket for me for my bridal shower, this gift really stood out from the others. Both red and white are her favorites and she chose one of each for my basket. A decorative cork can be included in the basket which is what my friend did. It was very special when she had my husbands and my initials etched in the delicate wine glasses that were added with beautiful towels. As an afterthought my friend still added scented candles.

Wine Glasses

My husband and I were overjoyed with the wine gift basket. We decided on having a wonderful candlelit dinner with our new glasses and lovely wine. While we were sorting through our gifts and writing thank you cards we were sipping on our wine. It is not easy remembering who gave which gift, we realized that when we tried to write all those cards. Of course it was easy remembering the one very special friend that presented us with the amazing wine gift basket.

I am still using the basket she gave me with the towels that she had included in the gift. Every time I look at the basket, I have to think of her. The same way I keep on thinking of her when my husband and I enjoy some wine from the lovely monogrammed wine glasses she gave us. Every time we see the stunning cork stopper that they included in the wine gift basket, my husband will mention our good friend. Our wine gift basket stood out above all other gifts. We never even think of the person that gave us a toaster oven, only who was so thoughtful and took time to create such a stunning basket.

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Bianca Lyon believes that life is too short for bad wine. A wine gift baskets are great ideas providing the receiver enjoys wine - or will at least try and enjoy the fruit of the grape.

Lovely Wine Gifts

Every time there is a great occasion like bridal showers, especially weddings or holidays, my husband and I will take time to create a unique wine gift basket for our friends. That makes us feel good when we know our friends think fondly of us after receiving such a special gift. We create each basket especially for the one it is intended for. Therefore our wine gift baskets are a perfect gift for any occasion and are gifts that will always be remembered by both our friends and us.