Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It will be our 12th wedding anniversary in March of this year. I have been thinking and thinking about what type of anniversary gifts to get for my husband this time. I had an idea of getting him a Global Positioning System. Since he mentioned this a while ago, I thought I might start by buying this as a wedding anniversary gift and see what else I can come up with.

Several other wedding anniversary gifts I was thinking of like a portable car battery charger, titanium rings, DVD player, IPOD and maybe even a brad nailer/stapler might just be included, even if I keep them for next year. Even though I do not really like buying him these more practical items but rather more personalized gifts, I just know it is safer because he is very particular about what he likes and I do not wish to disappoint when buying wedding anniversary gifts.

I did buy him a digital camera as well as a mP3 player as a wedding anniversary gift a year ago. Several other wedding anniversary gifts included items like a home gym, jewelry as well as a Sony digital camera. Of course he bought me many gifts as well. Some of the wedding anniversary gifts he bought me were jewelry, clothing and various books - even a beautiful leather vest and of course gift certificates.

Time Away at a Theme Hotel

The previous year some of the wedding anniversary gifts that we received from our family were a humongous gift basket filled with wonderful wine, decadent chocolates and beautiful candles. They also gave us two nights accommodation at a stunning hotel not far from us. This was a theme hotel and the first night we spent in the Rome room followed by the second night in room called the Japan suite. We were escaping from every day responsibilities and it was wonderful to get away for a while. We have never received such an amazing wedding anniversary gift before.

Mostly we make a real big deal when it comes to our parents’ wedding anniversary. We do not live close to our parents but still like spoiling them a lot with wedding anniversary gifts. The year before we decided to spoil our parents with an amazing prepaid dinner at a beautiful restaurant. Several wedding anniversary gifts that we spoiled them with in the past included items like a new television set, new VCR, dishes with beautiful wine glasses and some other wedding anniversary gifts.

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Bianca Lyon, who was born in France and now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, looks forward to spending time with her grand children as often as possible. She is proud to share her experiences in baby shopping that she gained from being a mother and very proud grandmother.

An Evening with Friends

One other anniversary we celebrated recently was the 10th wedding anniversary of my husband’s sister. Since we are a huge family we all decided to spoil them with an amazing dinner that we all joined to celebrate with them, there they received so many wedding anniversary gifts. Family gatherings like these are just so much fun.