Gifts for Dads

It is definitely not easy buying a gift for dad. It is so difficult to find something for a man who has lived half his life already and most likely bought most of his toys during his possible misspent young life. It certainly is a challenge trying to buy gifts for dad.

Socks are probably the most typical gifts that people buy and must be the most boring gifts for dad that money can buy. Why do we all think of socks at first? Could be a psychological glitch in anyone’s mind. As soon as anyone hears gifts for dad it just suddenly seems to trigger, socks. It hardly makes sense, of course we all need socks at some point in time but why do we actually choose them as gifts?

But somehow its always dad that end up with them. What happened to us in our childhood that causes a poor father to receive only socks as gift for every occasion? It seems a strange phenomenon and remains peculiar.

Tools for the Handyman

If have spent many hours coming up with the very best gifts for dad. What comes up in second place, yes, for some strange reason, tools! Why does dad seem to need another set of tools, or a ratchet set maybe? Is a new drill a possibility? He may be a man that does not take on new projects or does not even do any renovations at all. Who know, maybe he gave up that hobby many years ago, yet, we seem to believe that some kind of a tool must be on a hotlist of gifts for dad. Probably the best top ten of terrible gifts!

Technology and Gadgets

Let’s think about a few great ideas that are exciting and suitable and wanted gifts for dad. Many of us believe that gadgets or technology gifts may be something he would love. I am not sure if I think so. My father always enjoyed this type of gift but I could never really afford to pay for those brand name gadgets. He just prefers the top-of-the-line kind of products and mostly if its referred to in the Consumer’s report.

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Bianca Lyon, who was born in France and now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, looks forward to spending time with her grand children as often as possible. She is proud to share her experiences in baby shopping that she gained from being a mother and very proud grandmother.

Technology and Gadgets vs. Socks

Personaly I am thinking that one of the best gifts for dad must be something with a little alcohol. Maybe that way, when he is happy he may regard you as his best friend ever and hopefully forget about all the useless gifts he received in the past. You have another opportunity now when planning your gifts for dad.