Beer Gifts

Do you know who actually one day said that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy? It was Benjamin Franklin. This is why I prefer to give my best friends and family, most of all my wonderful husband, beer gifts, Which wife does not just love it when her husband shares his beer gift with her? He always gets so excited and shouts out “precisely what we wanted” every time he receives a beer gift.

You might think all I buy him is a beer as a beer gift but instead I usually like to buy him all sorts of different presents like shirts, signs and glasses. As a collector he loves to receive those old bar mirrors as well. Iron City is our brand for beer gifts and plenty of other interesting items like mirrors and glasses; after all we are from the Pittsburgh area.

Interesting Beer Items

I also do like to indulge in different beer gifts that are of course made up of beer. Most beer enthusiasts always enjoy the best beer of the month. Sometimes you are required to be a member of a club to be able to buy beer gifts, which has me really concerned. Since one has so many options to so many different things, I am not so sure I want to commit myself to just one club to be able to purchase any unique and special beer gifts.

Because of the fact that some members may not necessarily like and enjoy the beer of the month as beer gifts, they actually do have the option to opt out of that membership with no questions asked. Buying my husband a one-year membership this year for his birthday, might still be something I would like to consider. He might regard this, so do I, as one of the greatest birthday gifts I have ever bought him but I need to first make sure that my budget is big enough for that.

Buy Him Cold Beer

Creating my own beer gifts is always something I can do at any time but I think to choose the option of a basket might not really suit this kind of gift. The type of basket if you want to use it as a beer gift would probably consist of warm beer and nachos where the more suitable basket is probably the cheese and wine basket. The beer basket does just not seem appealing enough. My idea of creating a basket with beer gifts would mostly include items like bottle openers, cozies and glasses. You can always line the basket very well with a t-shirt.

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You may not think of Beer Gifts, but men love it! Biance Lyon believes that you should give men what they want, not what you want - and beer gifts fall in this catagory.

Men Love Beer - List this as a Gift Idea

Any man, just like my husband, would consider ice cold beer with wonderfully hot pizza an awesome option as a beer gift. We actually both enjoy this type of traditional dinner for every birthday. When we had our first date ever, we enjoyed cold beer and pizza together. Now this has become our traditional dinner for all our anniversaries, sometimes even in a beautiful hotel room.