Bachelorette Gifts

I am the one that still needs to take care of a lot of planning for my sister that will be getting married at the end of this year. Bachelorette gifts as well as a bachelorette party will be amongst the many things that I need to plan. I am planning a little get together at my house and after wards will probably head out to have some fun. Somehow I think that my sister’s bachelorette gifts will be somewhat on the naughty side and I am thinking of ways to make her feel embarrassed, putting her on the spot. Only a sister would be able to pull something like that off.

Some of the bachelorette gift ideas we may present her with would include things like powders, creams and jellies to get her love life enhanced. Naughty items came up like lightweight whips, handcuffs and some other interesting wear. Some gifts will be very small and some of them very big, meant for wearing. Of course a lot of these bachelorette gifts are only meant as a joke and to have some fun. I know she will certainly also receive decent gifts like lingerie and some real “toys” that adults can enjoy together.

I think we may not include strippers for that evening. The type of bachelorette gifts we bought are funny and probably will make everyone laugh but we are not the type of people that would like to risk a potential issue for the bride and groom to be. I believe getting married is a serious decision and while it is not bad lightning things up a bit, I do believe that inviting strippers even if it is not meant serious would undermine the solemnity of marriage.

Naughty Gifts

I can’t wait to start terrorizing my little sister with all the silly, off-the-wall bachelorette gifts we found, after all we all love a good joke. The idea for one sister to another must be to get them all shy and embarrassed and hopefully get her to laugh a bit as well. Lots of our very good friends are as excited getting in on all the fun. I am convinced that the bachelorette gifts they will bring along will be as funny and that we will have great fun all together that evening. My sister has been waiting a long time to get married, just to find the right guy took her 29 years! The wedding will be soon and I know she will receive a lot of bachelorette gifts that she will remember for many years to come.

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Bianca Lyon believes you should never humiliate the bachelorette with the gift ideas - and party ideas - you choose. It may seem funny to you but could cause harm. Plan your bachelorette gifts with a mature approach.

Funny Gifts

This is not the first time that I have had to buy bachelorette gifts. A very funny bachelorette gift that I once purchased was a cardboard box called ‘Make-out Take-out”. This was a box that contained several very naughty gags and toys. The box looked similar to an old fashioned Chinese take out box, what a novel bachelorette gift this turned out to be.