Aromatherapy Gifts

Sometimes aromatherapy gifts can be a very good choice for relatives, although often they don't give the impression that all that much thought went in to picking out the present. I would get scented oils, fragrant candles, and other aromatherapy gifts from my niece and nephew every year, and always thought that it meant that they didn't care all that much about me, or at least did not know my taste in things. Nevertheless, some of these aromatherapy gifts were quite pleasant.

Aromatherapy Scents

Although I don't believe the new age kinds of quacks who say that arometharapy oils have all kinds of special healing powers, I have to admit that the scents of aromatherapy gifts do have the power to dramatically change your mood in a variety of different, interesting ways. My favorite aromatherapy gift is patchoulli oil which can be burned in an oil censor. Oh, I know what you're thinking – patchoulli oil is that disgustingly pungent fragrance which hippies use to disguise their body odor from not showering enough, right? Well, they do use aromatherapy gifts for that, but if you smell it and don't think about stinky hippies, patchoulli oil is quite pleasant and gives the mind a relaxed, natural feel that is a great place to return to when you're feeling stressed out.

Why Aromatherapy?

The reason that aromatherapy gifts can so powerfully affect your moods has to do with the way that the brain is structured. More than any other sense, the sense of smell is wired directly into the brain, and bypasses the part of the brain that weakens sensations, or filters out impulses and feelings which aren't that important. This is why a particular odor can trigger such a powerful cascade of memories. aromatherapy gifts take advantage of this, using odors to change your moods, not just by making them better, but by exciting, relaxing, or otherwise altering your consciousness. aromatherapy gifts can be used as part of a meditation practice too. When, every day at a certain hour, you smell the same aromatherapy gift oil, you will know that it is time to release the cares of the day and relax deeply into your practice.

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Bianca Lyon talks about the gift of smell. Aromatherapy gifts are personal as they touch the sences.

Treat Yourself to an Aromatherapy Gift

Aromatherapy gifts are often good gifts to give yourself, as well as others - and aromatherapy gifts come in all kinds of different types, from candles, to oils, to incense sticks, allowing a wide variety of uses and decorative functions.