50th Anniversary Gift

Wedding anniversaries are still being regarded as traditional gift-giving times. There is a list below that will tell you what gift to give for the different anniversary years. The 50th anniversary gift is a very special Year. As it is the golden anniversary year one is supposed to give something in gold as a 50th anniversary gift as it is the traditional gift to give.

If we are more creative than that or just simply do not have enough money in our budget for that then we have to think of all the possibilities in which one could express the golden 50th anniversary gift in such a situation. Of course gold paint could be a starting point. There are many things we can paint in gold for a 50th anniversary gift if we are looking to please a good friend, acquaintance or a loved one.

You can paint a painting if you have the artistic skill for that but not just paint-by-numbers kind of an artist. An example would be to trim a picture frame with the color gold or maybe be daring and color a room of the couple’s home in gold, this however may be somewhat daring but could be quite personal to do as a 50th anniversary gift. You should probably really know the couple well and have them approve such a action since they may not welcome that otherwise.

Gold for the 50th

When people celebrate so many Years together it is likely they may get cold easily and therefore gold yarn and threads may be a good option for gold mittens, sweaters and other clothing that they will probably appreciate. Other lovely items could include gold mural, pillows or crafted items that could be matched with items in their home. You can find beautifully gold flecked embroidery floss.

A smaller trinket you may want to give that could be meaningful and special for a 50th anniversary gift could be a necklace that is gold plated with two heart halves. In other words there are two necklaces each consisting of one golden heart half which was cut to perfectly fit when put together. One can find vials with real golden flakes and nuggets. By adding ribbon or chain the lucky two people can hang this somewhere special in the house for many more Years of happy marriage or just prosperity.

Other more original gifts that would still be regarded as traditional could be books with the name “gold” as a subject or maybe tickets for a trip to a locale that bears the name “gold” on it. Well I wish you the best in your search for the perfect gift, regards to the couple!

Gifts For The Different Anniversary Years

Traditional hallmarks should not be forgotten; below you will find a list of gifts for the different anniversary Years:

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Bianca Lyon, who was born in France and now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Although she has not celebrated her 50th anniversary yet, she certainly plans to! She is proud to share her experiences in planning an anniversary gift.

The 50th Anniversary Year Calls for Gold

Well deserved, I'd say. Fortunately not all gold gifts need to be expensive gifts. Remember, gold is also a color, not nesecarily the actual metal. After all, this is a time to congratulate soemone on a 50th anniversary, not reward them! Memories are by far more important than materialistic goods. Plan your 50th anniversary gift with the aim to remind the couple of some of the special times during their 50 years of marriage.

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